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As a GIC Deal Finders Property Locator working in your city you can earn up to $5,000 per real estate lead you send us that we work into a profitable deal.

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Take your real estate training to the next level as a member of the Real Estate Entrepreneurs Program. Get 52 weeks of structured, group sessions, and priority review of the leads you submit.

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The GIC Community Forum is the place to go to get answers to your most pressing real estate questions. Get involved and as you learn, you'll be able to give advice to others.

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Welcome real estate entrepreneurs!

You have landed on the only real estate platform on the web where you can earn as you learn as a GIC Property Locator. GIC Deal Finders is one-part online training course, one-part lively community, and one-part real estate sales funnel.

GIC Deal Finders started in 2013 as a way for our founder and real estate investor, Toyin Dawodu to teach his then-teenage son how to buy and sell properties. Toyin decided to start an online blog to help his son learn the business and keep track of any potentially lucrative real estate leads he found.

As interest in this "tracking system" grew, Toyin decided to formalize the program and open the doors for others to learn the business and track potentially lucrative real estate leads as Property Locators.

Today, GIC Deal Finders has more than 6,000 members and our numbers are growing every day. Hundreds of hours of training videos live at this URL. Hundreds of real estate leads have been submitted through our site.  Exciting opportunities await anyone who wants to learn how they can make money in the real estate business.

If you are interested in free self-paced training, want to join GIC Deal Finders as a Property Locator in your city, or you have a real estate question you would like to post to our forum, you can click here to join our community. For a look at our more advanced training opportunities, click here.

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