It’s time to expand!

I have launched more than a dozen businesses, founded several multi-million dollar enterprises, produced two critically-acclaimed movies, founded a tech startup which innovated the technology still being used today by Facebook and Google, and made a cool $50 million off my last 400 real estate deals. Now, I want to add trainer and coach to my list of credits.

Contrary to what many believe, real estate investing is not my only line of business and it’s not the only thing about which I am passionate. I want to teach people how to work smarter, think bigger, and do more. I want to show them how my knack for finding ways to generate revenue can help them amass the kind of wealth that will last for generations.

I am Toyin Dawodu, a California-based  entrepreneur and real estate investor, and founder of The Magic of Real Estate and GIC Deal Finders Property Locator Program. I created the Pick My Brain Real Estate Apprenticeship Program.

I earned my MBA and undergraduate degree in Finance from California State University after wrapping up my formal education in London. I can hardly credit my degrees with my success, but they did provide me with a nice cushion for a Plan B in the event I ever needed one (and I certainly did need a Plan B a couple of times). I have several professional licenses. Among them are my realtor license and my broker license.

My passion is real estate. Trolling the street for new real estate opportunities is second only to my family in how I choose to invest my time.  I have worked across multiple industries and there is no business like the real estate business. It is the only business where you can leave your home in the morning with $20 in your pocket, and come back home with three deeds and an equity position of over $50,000. In fact, I challenge anyone in the world to show me any other business where you can start with nothing and make $50,000 on a Saturday morning by lunch time.

These days, I am interested in teaching people how to use real estate investing as a vehicle to amass great wealth.

Real Estate Experience

I have bought and sold over 400 properties and borrowed and paid back over $20M in real estate loans. I have perfected the art of “no money down” and more often than not, I get cash back at the close of escrow. I created a system for buying property using Automatic Unlimited Funding Systems™.  I focus on constructing deals that are profitable, which means I’ve learned how to get creative with real estate deals. There is far more flexibility in buying and selling real estate than most people know.

Real Estate Goals

My mission is to build a virtual army of new real estate investors  – people who are looking to earn more money without having to get that second job at the drive-thru window. To do this, I want to teach 10,000 people the process of buying and selling houses with little or no money down. I document this process extensively in my book, The Magic Of Real Estate.

I built this website to make sure that anyone who wants to learn how real estate can make them a fortune can learn it at the feet of someone who knows the business inside and out.

Currently Seeking…

Novices, beginners, would-be investors and people who are currently working as agents. Anyone who wants to really learn how to invest using other people’s money or invest in spite of their credit is welcome to become a member or enroll in accelerated training opportunities.