Property Locators

GIC Deal Finders is the only real estate training community that provides a chance for students to earn as they learn. Sign up as a Property Locator in your city and earn up to $5,000 per real estate lead you send us that we can work into a profitable deal.


In addition to the 5-day Real Estate Boot Camp we provide for all our new members, you also get access to an entire library of real estate education absolutely free. Want more advanced training? Check out our catalog of books and training courses.


Engage with other GIC members in the GIC Community Forum as a registered member of GIC Deal Finders. This is the place to go to get answers to your most pressing real estate questions. As you learn, you'll find you answer more questions than you ask.


Real Estate Entrepreneur Program

Once you have the fundamentals of the real estate business under your belt, it's time to go from collecting information to organizing your strategy. It's time to become a member of the Real Estate Entrepreneurs Program (REEP). As a REEP member, you can get one year of intensive, self-paced real estate training, designed to help you make the shift from locating properties for us to finding and structuring your own real estate deals. Each week, you will get access to a new training module plus supplemental training videos and downloads. As well, our REEP members get priority review of any property leads they submit, as well as access to live monthly training. Next to immersion, REEP provides students with the most comprehensive way to learn how to become a real estate entrepreneur. Become a member of REEP by clicking here.

Pick My Brain Real Estate Apprenticeship

Our top level real estate training is a guided 90-day apprenticeship program that gives you full-time access to Toyin. Much like the Real Estate Entrepreneur program, Pick My Brain offers structured training; this program is immersive and designed to take you from real estate student to real estate professional over the course of several months of intensive study.  Learn more here.


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