Proof of Success! Shawn Got Paid $5,000 as a North Dakota Property Locator

Did you made the mad dash toward 2017 between from the end of October until the ball dropped in Time Square at midnight on January 1st?

So did we.

But in those final days before the close of 2016, two GIC members – Shawn and Jako – made $5,000 each for leads they submitted that we were able to turn into deals.

In October, I finally closed on a deal North Dakota Property Locator Shawn submitted way back in May. He found the property just days before relocating his family from California to North Dakota.

How did he find it the deal?

“Just driving around,” Shawn told me when we talked.

It took us five months to finally close the deal that Shawn submitted. Throughout the process, my team and I tried to keep Shawn up to date about the progress of his deal by making regular updates to the lead submission tool at When we finally closed the deal, we couldn’t find Shawn! He had moved.

I repeatedly left messages for him asking him to give me a call and after persisting for several days, I finally got Shawn to call me, and I gave him the news.

Shawn had earned $5,000 from a lead he’d submitted months before. We just needed to know where to send his check.

He said he never forgot about the lead he submitted, but rather he didn’t think too much about it.

Now that Shawn’s living in a new state, he will continue on with us as a Property Locator in North Dakota. We look forward to helping Shawn and his family earn more and more money in the real estate business. Congratulations, Shawn!



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